Lifestyle Number

Identify the “unearned” income needed monthly to fund your lifestyle overhead (luxuries)

Wants & Luxuries

Your Lifestyle Number is the total monthly Unearned Income (money that works for you) to cover wants and luxuries. It is the second specific target number and milestone in the TWF money mastery system and is used to plot your financial independence plan.

It should not be confused with Freedom Number, which relates to core needs based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model (ie; “food, clothing, shelter”).

Your Lifestyle Number includes your Freedom Number plus the 3 core luxuries of Travel, Shopping and Entertainment. But it can include literally anything you want.

How it’s used?

Your Lifestyle Number is used to plot your progress when running calculations and projections on your existing Assets as well as “forecasting” and running simulations on possible A/B “what if” scenarios.

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