Balance Sheets

Your Balance Sheet is everything you own (Assets) + or - everything you owe (Liabilities or Debts). The difference is your Net Worth.

Wealth Builder helps you track key metrics of your Balance Sheet per TWF Methodology to optimize your way to financial freedom via the 3 Common Denominators of the Wealthy.

By default, the Balance Sheet will display both Assets & Liabilities by Date Added (default) or by your most recent Filter or Sort By selection

Alternatively clicking on either Total Assets or Total Liabilities displays only those account types.

Clicking on the Balance Sheet selector in the green Global Nav bar will allow you to select any alternate or "simulated" Balance Sheets you've created (if applicable).

Selecting a Balance Sheet other than Default puts your account in "Sim Mode" and allows you run unlimited projections and simulations with an infinite number of variables letting you "see the future" before making money decisions.

You can create a New, Edit or Clone an existing Balance Sheet or manage Linked Accounts via the triple dot menu.

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