What is Wealth Builder

(Last updated JUN 9, 2023)

WealthBuilder.io is a financial planning, education and investing platform for self directed investors, powered by TWF algorithms.

Wealth Builder's mission is to help our members Master Money & Live Free via simple ratio based money management formulas proven to create results.

With Wealth Builder you can:

  • Set and track financial goals and milestones

  • Organize and track money, assets and liabilities based on a unified strategic framework

  • Learn and apply proven concepts and insights into ratio based money management and investment mastery

  • Use non discretionary rules based systems to manage money, risk and decision making processes

  • Restructure your balance sheet for cash-flow and automated compound wealth building

  • Run projections, simulations and A/B decision scenarios on any combination of assets on the balance sheet

What's more?

True Wealth Formula (TWF) mindset and systems can be learned and applied as a decentralized solution to economic inequality through realized personal freedom, responsibility and prosperity.

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