Adding & Managing Holdings

The Holdings feature gives you micro control over individual account settings affecting ND2 Capital Ratios and MOAC settings.

You can add Holdings (or sub accounts) to an existing Manual Asset account by clicking the Add Holdings button inside Add Asset or Account Details screen.

Any Linked Accounts with holdings (ie; brokerage accounts) will auto populate holdings associated with said account.

From there you will complete the Holding's individual settings, clicking Save Holding when done.

You'll see the new Holding now listed on the previous screen where you can continue adding more individual Holdings one at a time.

After adding all Holdings, make sure to click Save Asset in order to save the Parent account and its newly added individual Holdings accounts.

The total value of all individual holdings will now be included in the Parent account value. You can now view the Parent account and its list of individual Holdings on your Balance Sheet where you can continue to add more Holdings (by clicking on the Parent account title) or edit existing holdings (by clicking on their specific title).

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