TWF Framework

Wealth Builder uses the True Wealth Formula (TWF) framework, an established set of money management principles based on the best selling book by Hans Johnson available at Amazon.

Most understand the concept of compounding and exponential growth but few realize how to consistently achieve it and are therefore trapped in a terminal cycle of consumption, debt and speculative asset boom & bust cycles to the benefit of multinational banks and corporations.

We aim to provide a proven path to freedom from these systems of oppression and despair.

How Wealth Is Created

The key to wealth is to get your money working for you instead of you working for your money.

In the statement above we have 2 types of income:

  1. Earned Income (money you work for)

  2. Unearned Income (money or assets that work for you)

We can now apply mathematical formulas to begin the process of converting our Earned Income into Unearned Income.

3 Common Denominators

Additionally, we've identified 3 common denominators across the most successful wealth builders:

  1. They focus on building a base of cash flow assets

  2. They use rules based systems (often )

  3. They speculate strategically

Wealth Builder, using TWF methodology, shows you exactly how to model these traits while converting earned income into unearned income.

Core Concepts

  • Earned income requires time. Unearned income requires capital.

  • Earned income has limited leverage. Unearned income has infinite leverage.

  • True Wealth is created through production not consumption.

  • True Wealth is 3 things: Health, Relationships & Resources (usually capital or money)

  • True Wealth Formula focuses primarily on mastering Resource (capital) management

The Wealth Builder seeks a balance of freedom, security and fulfillment in life.


Through a proven process it's possible to achieve all 3.

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