Debt Payoff (CDE)

Compound Debt Elimination (CDE) System

Set the values below for your personalized debt freedom plan.


  1. Increase your Accelerator Amount to eliminate debt even faster

  2. Increase your Earned Income to apply more Accelerator towards debt via ND1 ratios

  3. Roll FCF from debt payoff into T2 Cash Flow Assets to compound and accelerate your Unearned Income growth and reach your Freedom and Lifestyle Numbers even faster

Below is your debt payoff order. Start with the first debt on the list (the initial “target debt”). You'll pay the minimum payment plus your Accelerator Payment (ie; the New Monthly Pymt) until paid off at which time you'll roll debt 1 payment into debt 2 and so fourth. Continue making minimum payments on your other debts while paying down and accelerating your "target debt". Print or screen shot a copy of this plan as it may change as you update your Liability account balances monthly.

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