Your Wealth Builder Dashboard gives you a high level overview of your progress converting Earned Income into Unearned Income and restructuring your Balance Sheet for cash flow.

You must have completed the Onboarding pages to have a completed Dashboard including adding at least 1 Asset account and 1 Liability Account to your Balance Sheet.

After you log in, you'll see your Dashboard displaying the following modules:

  1. Net Worth - displays your total Assets and Liabilities per your active selected Balance Sheet

  2. Budgeting - displays your current Earned Income (money you work for) along with currently selected ratios for Bills, Giving, Wealth, Debt Accelerator and any custom accounts you've setup

  3. Debt Payoff - displays your current Debt (Liabilities) along with your Current and Accelerator payoff schedules, per your selected active Balance Sheet

  4. Capital Allocation - displays your total Wealth account along with your current selected ratios for T1 (liquidity), T2 (cash flow assets) and T3 (speculations) capital allocations, per your selected active Balance Sheet

  5. Compound Return - displays your current Unearned Income (money that works for you) along with your Freedom Number and Lifestyle Number progress plotted along with your Unearned Income and Balance growth projections, per your selected active Balance Sheet

You can access the individual modules to change their respective settings by clicking anywhere on the specific module card or via the side menu under "Plan".

If you are debt free (congratulations!) you can check the "I am debt free" box to prevent error messages on the Debt Payoff module card.

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