Adding Linked Accounts

You can add Linked accounts to automatically sync account balances and other values (if applicable)

Linked Account feature is currently available to Pro members only

To add a new Linked account, click on the + button on Total Assets or Total Liabilities card and select Sync Account (if applicable).

You'll then be take to a Plaid screen to start the process of adding a Linked Account.

Hit Continue to proceed to the next screen where you'll select or search for your Financial Institution.

Plaid connects to more than 12,000 Financial Institutions (FI) across the US, Canada and Europe. Unfortunately, not all FI's are supported. If you cannot find your FI then you will have to add your accounts manually.

Here we are selecting a TD Ameritrade investment account.

Next we'll be asked to provide our login credentials.

Login credentials are stored with Plaid in agreement with their terms of service and Financial Institution partnerships. Some FI's may require different pass or 3rd party app keys to connect to Plaid. Wealth Builder does not store any FI login credentials.

Once the connection has been made, you'll have a chance to review which accounts to connect to Wealth Builder.

Some Financial Institutions have multiple Accounts associated with them. For example, a bank like Wells Fargo (FI) can have multiple checking and savings accounts. A broker like TD Ameritrade (FI) can have multiple brokerage accounts under the same global login.

Here are are selecting to link only one brokerage account associated with a TD Ameritrade login. We are not connecting the others accounts at this time but they can be added later if desired.

Hit Continue to proceed.

If the connection with Plaid was successful, you'll see a Success screen. Hit Continue to proceed.

Next you will see 2 screens that you MUST confirm in order to add the specific Linked Account(s) to your Wealth Builder Balance Sheet.

  1. Add these accounts - select Yes (remember that each Financial Institution can have multiple associated Accounts).

  2. Please review your account settings - select OK.

If you have an account with a lot of Holdings, it may take some time to update before you see these final 2 screens. Be patient because if you navigate away from this page and do not complete the final 2 screens the process will not complete.

Once the process is complete you'll see the newly added Linked Account in your Balance Sheet list of Accounts.

You will know it is a Linked Account by the status icon next to the Account name. Green status means it is syncing successfully. Red status means syncing has stopped and the connection needs to be re-established.

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