Managing Linked Accounts

Linked Account feature is currently available to Pro members only

Using The Triple Dot Menu To Manage Linked Accounts

You can manage Linked Accounts via the triple dot menu in the Global Nav Bar and also via each individual Account's triple dot menu.

Status Icons

Linked Accounts will have a status icon next to the Account name.

Green status means it is syncing successfully.

Red status means syncing has stopped and/or the connection needs to be re-established with the Financial Institution.

Force Sync

You can use Force Sync to send a manual request to your Financial Institution to retrieve updates to your Account (access Force Sync via Balance Sheet main page or via the Global Nav Bar triple dot menu, Linked Accounts).

Unlinking A Financial Institution

If you want to Unlink your Financial Institution so it no longer receives updates, you can use the Unlink feature.

You will see a screen asking you to confirm and letting you know the Account will be converted to a Manual Account. Click Continue to proceed, or Cancel to change your mind.

Unlinking A Specific Account

If you want to Unlink just an individual Account you can toggle the specific Account on or off.

Re-Establishing A Financial Institution's Connection

If syncing stops or fails to update completely, you may need to re-establish the Financial Institution's connection.

  1. Go to Linked Accounts (via Global Nav triple dot menu) and click on Unlink.

  2. Confirm you wish to Unlink your Account. It will be converted to a Manual Account.

  3. Click Add Institution to start the process of Adding A Linked Account. Follow the steps completely to re-add the Linked Financial Institution to your Balance Sheet.

  4. IMPORTANT! When done, you will want to delete the previously Linked Account which has now been converted to a Manual Account. Otherwise you'll have a duplicate Account which will cause your Balance Sheet to be inaccurate!

Deleting An Account

If you need to delete an account completely from your Balance Sheet you'll need to use the Account's triple dot menu to delete it. Otherwise you can back it up by Cloning it to a separate Balance Sheet.

Renaming An Account

You can rename Linked Accounts via their Account Details screen and it will also update the Account name in Linked Accounts list too.

Adding New Accounts To An Existing Financial Institution (FI)

You can add a new Linked Account to an existing linked Financial Institution by clicking Add Account which will open the Plaid screens where you can re-connect to your Financial Institution. Follow all the prompts to add any additional accounts if applicable.

Fixing Connection Issues

Sometimes a Linked Account will lose its connection. If this happens you'll see a Red alert icon indicating an issue with the connection ad you can try to re-connect your Financial Institution via Force Sync.

In some cases you may need to navigate to the Financial Institution's website directly and make sure the connection between Plaid and the FI are enabled and have no issues. If all else fails you can delete the connection and re-establish it again (provided no issues exist between Plaid and the FI).

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